A “Look Who’s Talking” Remake In The Works

A Look Whos Talking Remake In The Works

Screen Gems is reportedly developing a reboot of 1989 family comedy “Look Who’s Talking” which centered around a baby whose thoughts only the audience can hear.

Kirstie Alley starred as a single, career-minded mother who falls for the new man in her life – a cab driver (John Travolta). Bruce Willis provided the baby’s inner voice which offered commentary on events unfolding.

At the time of the original, the choice to enter single motherhood was still controversial and the film ultimately took in over $140 million at the box office along with spawning several sequels and a TV series. The original film was penned and directed by Amy Heckerling who penned and directed both “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” and “Clueless”.

Jeremy Garelick (“The Wedding Ringer”) will write and direct the new take which will feature a diverse cast. Adam Fields will produce.

Source: The Wrap