A Look At The Black List

One of the most interesting lists in Hollywood was released on Friday – The Black List.

The list polls an estimated 150 film development executives and other officials for their favorite scripts that won’t be produced and released in the next year, then ranks them according to the greatest number of mentions.

Danny Strong’s HBO Films election drama “Recount” came in first with an estimated 44 votes, and Beau Willimon’s political thriller about a politician’s communication director “Farragut North” came a close second with 43 votes.

Personally I found the two most interesting sounding ones came in third and fourth place. Third was Jon Spaihts’ “Passengers”, about a passenger on an intergalactic spaceship who is prematurely thawed out from cryogenic slumber a full century before anyone else, which scored 38 votes.

Fourth with 35 votes was Josh Zetumer’s “Infiltrator” about a campaign by British intelligence to plant moles within high-level positions of the IRA and the high price it cost them and those they knew.

A complete copy of the list can be found on Hollywood Elsewhere