A Look At Netflix & BitTorrent Bandwidth Usage

A report from Variety assembled by Sandvine, a Canadian bandwidth-management systems vendor, says that Netflix accounts for 36.5% of all downstream Internet bandwidth used during peak periods in North America in March.

That figure is up from 34.5% six months ago. Netflix video continues to consume more bandwidth than YouTube (15.6%), Facebook (2.6%), Amazon (2.0%) and Hulu (1.9%.) combined at peak periods.

The study also looked at other key media events that have had an impact in recent months. During the “Game of Thrones” fifth season premiere in early April, traffic on HBO Go and HBO Now accounted for 4.1% of traffic on one U.S. fixed network.

A week before that, the release of the “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare” DLC pack “Ascendance” accounted for 12% of Internet traffic on one North American fixed network on its launch date.

One interesting figure is the decline of BitTorrent usage in the wake of affordable subscription services arriving. Back in 2008, BitTorrent usage accounted for 31% of total Internet traffic in North America. That figure has fallen to just 6.3%.