A Live Action “X-Men” Show On The Way?

We’ve seen Marvel’s “X-Men” as live-action films and various animated TV series, but what about “X-Men” as a live-action TV series? It just might be happening.

Bleeding Cool reports that 20th Century Fox is looking to bring the mutants to television in the form of a new live-action “X-Men” TV series which is reportedly in “deep development” on the show.

Before you dismiss it out of hand, the site was the one to break the “Supergirl” TV series news which turned out to be true and is now in development at CBS.

“X-Men” benefits from having hundreds of mutant characters to choose from and plenty of different time periods and settings in which to set its action. With much of the ‘First Class’ cast finishing up their contracts with “X-Men: Apocalypse” in 2016, a TV series beginning around that time could continue the legacy.