A Harley Quinn Spin-Off Movie Planned

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are developing a new standalone movie featuring an all-star cast of female DC heroes and villains with Margot Robbie attached to reprise her role of Harley Quinn from this year’s “Suicide Squad”.

Robbie will also produce the film which will feature Quinn, Batgirl and the other Birds of Prey. Who will be considered the lead opposite Robbie is still unknown though the suggestion of Poison Ivy has been thrown about in one trade – could this be a “Harley and Ivy”-style deal.

Robbie has already garnered attention for her performance despite the film not opening until August. She also has “The Legend of Tarzan” on the way, that film opens in July. Reports also indicate she’s the one that got this project moving, hiring a female writer to work with her on the concept and presenting it to Warner Bros. Pictures who’ve taken a real shine to the idea.

Source: Variety