A Han Solo Video Game In The Works?

Various team members for Visceral Games, the developer behind the acclaimed survival horror game series “Dead Space,” have dropped major hints suggesting that they could be working on a Han Solo-themed video game title.

Game Informer has come to that conclusion following a series of teases over social media by the developers.

Co-writer Todd Stashwick posted a picture of the beloved “Star Wars” character on Instagram when he was first hired by Visceral for the project, followed shortly after by another picture of a Han Solo figurine along with his co-writer and Naughty Dog alum Amy Hennig. Millennium Falcon backgrounds have also been spotted within Visceral’s office.

Visceral has yet to officially announce what their new “Star Wars” game is about, but have been working on a “Star Wars” title for almost two years. Scott Warner, who worked on “Halo 4” and the recent “Battlefield Hardline,” is onboard to direct. The next big “Star Wars” video game title, “Star Wars Battlefront,” hits PC and consoles this Fall.