A Gender-Swapped “Rush Hour” Planned?

A Gender Swapped Rush Hour Planned

There’s little to no chance of a fourth film in the “Rush Hour” franchise at this point, especially in the wake of director Brett Ratner’s controversies in the past year and which have flared up again this week. However, Hollywood isn’t one to let an easy to package franchise lay dormant.

A new report at That Hashtag Show claims that STX Entertainment is currently in development of a ‘female-centric’ version of the franchise and they already have someone in mind to take on the Jackie Chan role in the film – “The Meg,” “Resident Evil: Retribution ” and “Transformers: Age of Extinction” actress Bingbing Li.

If true, this would be the latest in a string of films that liven up an old premise by switching up genders ala “Ghostbusters,” “Ocean’s 8,” and the remakes of “Overboard” and “The Hustle”. To date, the three “Rush Hour” movies have grossed a combined $850 million at the global box office. A short-lived TV series adaptation aired in 2016.