A Gay 007 Probably Won’t Happen

One thing that’s key to James Bond’s character, especially in the films, is his seduction of women. That bed-hopping and chauvinistic attitude are a key element that very much defines the character, a coping mechanism to deal with the darkness of his job.

So it comes as a surprise that in a new interview with Details, former Bond star Pierce Brosnan was asked his opinion regarding changing the iconic secret agent’s sexuality.

Discussing his happiness at the growing acceptance of the LGBT community in his home country of Ireland, he was straight up asked if we would ever get to see a gay James Bond:

“Sure. Why not? Actually, I don’t know how it would work. I don’t think [producer] Barbara [Broccoli] would allow a gay Bond to happen in her lifetime. But it would certainly make for interesting viewing.”

The most recent Bond film to have been released, “Skyfall,” sported a brief but amusing and playful scene dealing with Bond’s sexuality. Daniel Craig returns to the role of James Bond for his fourth outing in “Spectre” which is slated to open later this year.