A Fourth “Friday” Film Could Happen

Still one of Ice Cube’s most recognisable screen works has been his “Friday” comedy franchise which began in 1995 and was last seen with 2002’s third film “Friday After Next”.

Recently Cube spoke with The Wrap and says many of the cast members of the previous films want to proceed with another one which distributor New Line Cinema has recently been considering:

“That’s my dream. I think all the parties involved, all the people that’s been in the franchise, people from the first one to the third one, want to do another one. We might have to call it ‘Last Friday’ because it might end up being the last one.”

One thing in the way though is some legal rights issues with Cube saying it’s up to the studios to work it out and step up:

“It’s really up to the movie companies to step up. When they see stuff like this, they’ll realize how much people love this movie. Sometimes you owe it to the fans to do what the fans want. I hope they step up.”

Cube’s comments would suggest both Chris Tucker and Mike Epps could be back for the film, as for when it might happen is anyone’s guess.