A First Look At Wachowski’s “Cloud Atlas”

One of the most secretive films of the year is about to make itself known to the world.

The Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer’s ambitious ensemble adaptation of David Mitchell’s acclaimed novel “Cloud Atlas” is set for its world premiere in Toronto in September ahead of a release in cinemas late October.

Until this week there’d been no material from the film short of production sketches. Now twenty new photos have been released via a motion poster slideshow which you can see below. The film itself features an all star cast in a story that spans across six different time periods including the past, present and future.

Later this morning (10am US-PST) a whopping six-minute trailer is set to hit via Apple.com, though bootlegs are already online on Youtube. Said clip is rather astonishing in its scale and scope, and also delightfully frustrating in that even with its lengthy time – you’re still not entirely sure what’s going on.