A “Farscape” Movie Is In The Works

Rockne O’Bannon, creator and showrunner of the sci-fi TV series “Farscape,” has confirmed that a film version of the show is happening after all.

Back in February came word of the property’s potential revival as a film. O’Bannon, who has since gone on to co-create the likes of of “Warehouse 13” and “Revolution,” finally confirmed the news at a panel at this weekend’s WonderCon.

Nerdacy spoke with O’Bannon who said: “Yeah, yeah it’s the worst kept secret… We’re far from production, but yeah, the first step is Justin [Monjo] working on a script for us. We’ll keep our fingers crossed.”

The original report from back in February suggested the movie would follow John and Aeryn’s son who grew up on Earth and now, age 19, heads into space with his parents.