A “Farscape” Film Spin-Off In The Works?

It has been a full decade since TV’s “Farscape” franchise came to a close with “The Peacekeeper Wars” mini-series.

Now, Inside Film reports that screenwriter Justin Monjo has worked on a script for a “Farscape” spinoff movie to be directed by the show’s former executive producer Brian Henson. Henson also helmed the ‘Peacekeeper’ mini-series.

Monjo worked on the series back in the day and the scribe has scored good notices in Australia lately for his script work on the recent INXS mini-series “Never Tear Us Apart” along with the 1960s Singapore-set drama “Serangoon Road”.

The interview was to announce “Mongo,” a new HBO series he’s developing based on George C. Chesbro’s detective novel series that could star Peter Dinklage.

But talk quickly turned to “Farscape” and his film script which, if it were to go forward, would likely be a telemovie. There’s also a synopsis:

“In the finale, the protagonists, American astronaut John Crichton (Ben Browder) and peacekeeper Aeryn Sun (Claudia Black) got married and had a baby.

In the movie, it’s revealed the boy had special powers which made him the target of the villainous aliens so his parents hide him on Earth.

The plot follows the kid at the age of 19 when his whereabouts have been discovered and he rejoins his parents on their spaceship.”