A Dreamy Trip To Snowyville

Dream Balloon Prods. is developing the feature-length animated musical comedy “Snowyville” says The Hollywood Reporter.

Based on Michael Attardi’s animated short “Once Upon a Christmas Village,” the story sets up the premise that Santa Claus drops his magical watch under a Christmas tree, bringing to life a miniature village at the base of the tree.

Tim Curry and Jim Belushi lent their voices to the original work. Celebrity pop artist Nicolosi will collaborate with production art director Paul “Kit” Stolen and Attardi on several aspects of the new film’s art design. Jeff Scheetz will serve as animation director, Lee Stringer as set designer and Dani Donadi will compose the music.

Attardi will also write and produce the new version, which will combine CG animation with live-action backgrounds and motion capture. Shooting is scheduled to begin in October.