A Direct L.A. Confidential Sequel

TMZ reports that the creative team and stars from the original 1997 “L.A. Confidential” are in discussions with Fox-based Regency Enterprises about reteaming for a sequel to the Oscar-winning noir thriller based on James Ellroy’s novel.

That novel was the third in a series of four Los Angeles-set stories by Ellroy, the first of those books was last year’s poorly received Brian DePalma effort “The Black Dahlia”.

What makes the story doubly interesting is that this planned sequel has no relation to “White Jazz”, the fourth book in the series which uses some of the characters from ‘Confidential’. Joe Carnahan (“Narc,” “Smokin’ Aces”) has been planning to direct that project for some time with George Clooney onboard.

There was hope Guy Pearce would reprise his role of Ed Exley from ‘Confidential’ in “White Jazz”, but the actor downplayed the possibility last month.

This direct sequel would be an original story from the sounds of it, and the likes of Pearce, Russell Crowe, writerBrian Helgeland and director Curtis Hanson may be involved.

Carnahan has spoken out about the project on his blog and said that as far as he knows “they are pushing ahead and have asked us to change the Exley character’s name in WHITE JAZZ as New Regency apparently has the right”.

He also talks about another character exclusion: “Those familiar with the book also know that ‘The Dud’ Dudley Smith is also featured prominently in it. We took the original LA CONFIDENTIAL into account when writing WHITE JAZZ so opted to remove him from the story. Now that Exley looks like he’s out, it will really eliminate any incidental characters from WHITE JAZZ and allow it to be a stand alone and not dependant on the prior characters”.