A DC Character Sitcom In The Works

NBC has given a pilot production commitment to “Powerless,” a half-hour single-camera workplace sitcom which is being pitched as a superpowered version of “The Office”.

Warner Bros. TV will produce and Ben Queen (“A to Z”) will write and executive produce the series which will be set in the DC Comics universe. The show’s main characters will be everyday people toiling away at one of the worst insurance companies in America.

At the same time they envy the superpowered superstars outside their window, even as they have to assess the collateral damage caused by the fights between all these costumed heroes and villains. Though based on characters from DC Comics, it’s not clear yet which characters will appear in the series.

Should it go forward, it would mean DC has at least one major show on four of the five major networks with the only hold out, ABC, being Disney owned and so is exclusively Marvel’s domain.

Source: EW