A Damian Wayne Batman Game Planned?

Rocksteady Games are done with their “Batman Arkham” video game series, creating the three most acclaimed of the four main titles to date in the popular games series – along with the smaller DLC and VR tie-in titles.

The one they weren’t responsible for was “Batman: Arkham Origins” – a less well-regarded but still solid full prequel game which was done by WB Games Montreal. There seems little doubt that Warners intends to let other developers tackle the series in the future and WB Montreal is no doubt a likely candidate.

Well it seems evidence has popped up suggesting the possibility over at WCCF Tech. In a series of new videos showing how Warner Bros Montreal is expanding the DC Comics universe in the interactive space, some work in progress footage is demonstrated from appears to be a new open world Batman game.

The most interesting of the clips is a recent recruitment video which clearly shows the Batman character in a work in progress game. On top of that, a DualShock 4 is used to control it suggesting that it’s not old “Batman Arkham Origins” pre-release footage. That video has since been taken down, but other videos are still online and show a large city environment of some sort.

Earlier this year came a rumor that Warner Bros Montreal was working on a new “Batman” game. That one is suggested as being set ten years in the future, Bruce Wayne is older and sports both a beard and a walking stick. More importantly he is mentoring his son Damian Wayne to be the new Batman. The likes of Flamingo, a female Black Mask, a redesigned Poison Ivy and White Rabbit were also mentioned as villains.

Rocksteady and WB Montreal have also been rumored to be collaborating on a “Borderlands”-esque brawler game tied to “Suicide Squad”. In both cases they remain rumors with no confirmations or likely announcements at this time.