A “Cyborg” Remake Is In The Works

Albert Pyun, the director of the 1989 Jean Claude Van Damme sci-fi feature “Cyborg”, is planning to remake his own film reports AICN.

Pyun is reportedly in the midst of an “acquisition process” with MGM and has already received financial backing for the project. A script has yet to be finished, but the plan is to proceed and heavily rely on practical effects rather than CG.

In the original, JCVD played a street fighter turned mercenary who must help a female scientist turned cyborg through a plague-ravaged, post-apocalyptic America. She carries information vital to create a cure, however a group of marauders nicknamed ‘The Pirates’ are intent on getting that information for themselves.

Several of the original cast are already onboard for roles. A Director’s Cut of the film is also forthcoming, but due to the low quality nature it won’t be coming to Blu-ray.