A “Cube” Remake Is On The Way

Lionsgate and Vertigo Entertainment have begun development on “Cubed,” a remake of the 1997 sci-fi thriller “Cube”.

Vincenzo Natali helmed the original 1997 Canadian indie sci-fi thriller in which five people wake up in a strange cubed room. There are hatches on all sides that lead to similar rooms – some of which are decked out with lethal booby traps.

The group tries to figure out a way out of the structure and at the same time try to figure out the reason that they’ve been put there in the first place. The film quickly became a cult classic and spawned both a sequel and a prequel.

Saman Kesh is attached to direct the remake which Phil Gawthorne will pen the script for based on a new take thought up by Kesh. Roy Lee and Jon Spaihts will produce.

Source: Variety