A Black & White “Logan” Is Coming To Disc

George Miller got a recent disc re-release of his hypersaturated Oscar-winning film “Mad Mac: Fury Road” to incorporate a ‘Black and Chrome’ version – something Miller had been trying to do for some time.

Now it turns out this year’s most beloved action film to date, Hugh Jackman’s final Wolverine outing in “Logan,” may be getting the same – although this black and white cut of the film is being dubbed the ‘noir’ version.

Fox has not officially announced the home video release of “Logan” yet, but a new listing on the Google Play shows that the release will include the theatrical and ‘noir’ versions of the movie. Previously director James Mangold said: “Workin’ on it” when asked by a fan if the Blu-ray will include a black and white version of the movie.

“Logan” has pulled in $606 million worldwide at the box office to date. No date has been locked for the home video release.

Source: Movie Pilot