A “Babadook” Sequel Will Never Happen

Scoring amongst the best reviews of the year, there’s no denying that Australian filmmaker Jennifer Kent has delivered a truly remarkable debut film with her horror tale “The Babadook”.

Of course when it comes to horror, studios have a tendency to generate numerous sequels to works that did not require it, and in the process diminish the value of said works. Speaking with IGN, Kent has revealed that by careful planning ahead, “The Babadook” will face no such problems:

“Well, the good news is, I had the foresight to make sure that my producer and I owned the rights to any sequels. The reason for that is I will never allow any sequel to be made, because it’s not that kind of film. I don’t care how much I’m offered, it’s just not going to happen.

[Laughs] It’s just not what the film’s about. It would destroy the integrity of everything we worked so hard to protect. So we are publishing a version of the book, and really that’s not about merchandising; it’s about creating a standalone, beautiful piece of art that goes with the film — a companion piece. But that’s as far as we’re going in the sense of sidelines or sequels.”

Kent says she’s intent on making further films in Australia for the time being.