61 Hours To Be Jack Reacher Sequel?

Author Lee Child dropped into Empire a few hours ago for a chat where the topic of the film adaptation of his novel “One Shot” was brought up.

Tom Cruise plays Child’s regular hero character Jack Reacher in the film which is an adaptation of the ninth of sixteen books in the series. If the film is a success and a franchise is launched, the question becomes which is the next book in the series that will get adapted.

Child says “They’re talking about that now. They don’t want to jinx the success of the first one by talking too much, but they want Bad Luck And Trouble as the third (with Neagley in it) because they feel, by then, we’ll be ready for an ensemble piece. They haven’t decided about the second. They would kind of like 61 Hours, but creating a thousand square miles of snow is difficult. So it’s wait and see.”

“61 Hours”, the fourteenth book in the series, is set around a snow bound town in South Dakota which plays host to one of the largest prisons in the country.