50 Shades Stars Want Sequel Raise

With the film adaptation of “Fifty Shades of Grey” looking to amass a final gross of around $550 million worldwide, it’s no surprise that stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are seeking better pay for the sequels.

The pair reportedly received $250,000 each (and tiered box-office bonuses) to star in the project, along with signing three-picture deals. However, like other stars of successful franchises, they will try to renegotiate for seven-figure raises for the next two films.

An early 2016 shoot is being planned for a 2017 release. A similar situation happened with “The Hunger Games” in which star Jennifer Lawrence saw her $500,000 salary for the first film jump to $10 million for the sequel.

‘Shades’ won’t see a jump of that size, as the hope is to keep the sequels as close to the $40 million budget of the first film as possible.

Source: THR