“47 Meters Down” Sequel Gets A Trailer

47 Meters Down Sequel Gets A Trailer

Cashing in on the timing of “The Meg” hitting cinemas, the first trailer has arrived for “47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter” – the follow-up to last year’s long-delayed and surprise low-budget hit about two young women stuck in a detached shark cage on the sea floor.

Made for under $6 million, the Mandy Moore and Claire Holt-led film snagged $44 million domestically and a sequel was quickly given the go-ahead and originally called the much better “48 Meters Down”.

Johannes Roberts helms the follow-up from a script he co-wrote with Ernest Riera, both reprising the same positions they held on the first. The sequel relocates the action from Mexico to Brazil and go spelunking to some hidden underwater ruins – only to find these waters aren’t completely uninhabited.

“47 Meters Down: The Next Chapter” is slated to hit cinemas Summer 2019.