455 Scripted U.S. Series On The Air In 2016

It appears we haven’t hit ‘Peak TV’ just yet as new research from FX, the cable network whose president John Landgraf coined the term ‘Peak TV’, suggests it will be in 2017 we will reach the benchmark of 500 scripted series on the air.

A study released Wednesday by FX found that the number of U.S. scripted original TV series on the air this year hit a record 455 shows. That’s up 8% from 421 in 2015, up 71% from 266 shows five years ago in 2011, and up 137% from the 192 scripted series on air a decade ago in 2006.

The biggest change in the past year has been streaming. Broadcast TV, basic cable, and premium cable were all done by several shows from last year, but streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have filled that gap and then some – the number of streaming series jumped from 46 last year to 93 this year.

Check out the full chart breaking down the shows by category below.