3D TV Is Now Officially Dead

Just under a decade ago, 3D made a big comeback in cinemas with the likes of “Avatar” showing how to do it right, and “Clash of the Titans” how to do it wrong. It was a novelty that, though still in use today, has long worn out its welcome.

Attempts were made in the TV industry to follow suit and for the early part of this decade, a big selling point of TVs were about their 3D capabilities. Yet interest was muted, and the industry itself has since moved on to the more appealing waters of 4K resolution, high dynamic range color and plasma-quality OLED screens.

Soon brands like Samsung, Verizon, TCL, and Sharp pulled out of making 3D sets due to lackluster sales. 3D TVs have accounted for a diminishing share of US flat-panel TV sales every year since 2012 down to just 16% of new in the last year or so.

This week, LG and Sony have officially announced that they will not be producing any TV sets with 3D technology in 2017. The pair were the last two TV-manufacturers still building their sets with 3D capabilities, which renders the future of 3D TVs officially dead for now.

Source: Life Hacker