3D Sex Film “Love” Screens At Cannes

Following on from his controversial “Irreversible” and “Enter the Void,” filmmaker Gaspar Noe returned to the Cannes Film Festival this week with the sexually explicit ode to young romance and threesomes with “Love”.

What makes “Love” unique is that along with being sexually explicit in a way so distinct to Noe, it has also been done in 3D. The first reviews are out and go into detail about what to expect in terms of the graphic nature of the film, though actual review reaction has sadly not been great.

The film centers around three people – young American film buff Murphy (Karl Glusman), brunette French artist and free spirit Electra (Aomi Muyock) with whom he has had a passionate romance, and his neighbour Omi (Klara Kristin) the blond woman he cheated with and got pregnant. The structure is carved up and jumps through different points in time over a two year span.

Dubbed Noe’s least offensive film to date, the 135 minute movie is said to boast around 45 minutes of explicit, and from the sounds of it unsimulated, sex scenes with the action right from the start involving Murphy and Electra engaging in mutual masturbation through to visible climax. The film boasts two threesomes – a lengthy one with the main trio, and another involving a transsexual prostitute – along with a visit to a Paris swingers club, and even a 3D-enhanced version of an in-utero ejaculation shot as seen in “Enter the Void”.

Reviews have praised the sex which avoids tacky close-ups and porno style angles in favor of well-composed shots often from above and with wide framing. However they’ve not been kind to the rest of the film as such – criticising the lack of experience of the actors, the thin and unappealing characters, and the clunkiness of some of the filmmaking. Check out early reviews from Variety, The Telegraph and THR.

The film has already been acquired for U.S. distribution through Alchemy with the company saying it will “do everything we can to protect this masterful film” from censorship, and so far around 25 screens have been secured to show off the 3D version of the film.

Speaking at a press conference afterwards, Noe himself says he believes teenager should see this film. He tells The Playlist:

“I think it’ll be banned for those under 16. If I was part of the committee, I would set the age limit at 16 or 12 maybe. As soon as you say ‘pornographic,’ people get scared, but the film talks about people being in love from a sexual stance. To represent sex, it’s hard not to film the genitalia. If you look up ‘love’ on the internet, 50% of the images are pornographic. I was making a film about love. It wasn’t about Swiss banks or Scientology. Why not show what that means? In this day and age, it’s impossible to stop sexually explicit images,” he added. “You can’t fight what the world has become. It’s now a fact of life. That’s the way things are. On the contrary, you need to make sure sex is represented in a healthier way. I shouldn’t be [considered] schizophrenic for talking about love.”

No release date for the film has yet been secured.