3D “Jason Bourne” Making Filmgoers Sick

One of the very first lessons learned by filmmakers at the start of the modern wave of 3D features was that filming techniques such as handheld ‘shaky cam’ and quick cut editing should not be used because it would often result in audience members feeling sick or even vomiting.

One obvious franchise where it would be pointless is the “Bourne” films, especially any of the entries with Paul Greengrass and his signature style behind the camera. Nevertheless, Universal Pictures gave it a shot with an ‘exclusive’ 3D version of the new film “Jason Bourne” for select Asian markets.

The film debuted on Tuesday to an impressive $11.8 million, but complaints quickly began to emerge on Chinese social media about the 3D conversion leaving filmgoers feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Making things more problematic is that cinemas were overwhelmingly screening the 3D option so seeing the original 2D version has proven problematic. Only 17 out of 323 theaters offered screenings of the 2D version in Beijing and Shanghai.

It got bad enough that Universal’s Beijing office issued a statement saying that it is working with local distributors to arrange more 2D screenings. The special 3D version is being rolled out in China, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Source: THR