24 Has More Production Issues

Fox’s “24” is officially shutting down for eighteen days to allow writers to work on upcoming scripts reports Reuters.

Production will shut down between September 15th and October 9th as the writers retool and rework the scripts for the final six episodes of the upcoming seventh season.

The reason for the delay is that executive producer/showrunner Howard Gordon had been concerned about the quality of several scripts for upcoming episodes. Production on the series has been underway since April.

The delay is the latest in a long line of issues that have plagued the hit series. After huge success with its Emmy-winning fifth season in 2006, the show’s sixth season took a critical drubbing.

The seventh season started production later than expected due to scripting and story issues, and the series was then subject to a five month shut down due to the writer’s strike.

This work stoppage won’t affect the launch of the seventh season in January, or the two-hour prequel which has been completed and will air on November 24th.