2016 Summer Box-Office Is Seriously Down

Hollywood is nervous right now, and thy’ve every right to be as the early summer box office in North America is down on revenue sharply over last year.

Revenue for the May 6th-June 12 period is roughly $1.24 billion, a 22% decline from the $1.6 billion collected in the same period in 2015. Only two films have gotten past the $100 million mark at this point, compared to five in 2015.

This past weekend was down over 44% from the comperable weekend in 2015, though that weekend had juggernaut “Jurassic World” scoring an astonishing $208.8 million opening.

The blame is being put on a number of underperforming sequels which failed to match their predecessor either critically or with audiences. Year to date, revenue is still up over 2015 though by more than 4%.

Source: THR