2014/2015 TV Series Breakdown: TNT & TBS

The Fall TV Season presentations for all the new network shows take place this week with the fifth one announced late yesterday. Here’s a full breakdown of which concepts have made the final list over on basic cable channels TNT and TBS.

While all the other networks cool down over the Summer, TNT is heating up with four returning original dramas (“Rizzoli & Isles,” “Major Crimes” “Falling Skies” and “Perception”) and five new series as part of its new “Boom” initiative.

It’s not enough that the network has more hit originals than any other cable network in 2013, the new initiative is designed to expand the audience by attracting both younger viewers and/or more male viewers by including more genre fare with a mix of action-adventure, sci-fi/fantasy, mystery/suspense and crime dramas.

Its sister network TBS, which ranked as basic cable’s #1 network among key adult demos for all of 2013, is also stocking up with several new comedies and reality shows. The new shows include:


Angie Tribeca
(Cop Comedy, TBD 2015)
This new spoof of police procedurals is the brainchild of Steve and Nancy Carell. Rashida Jones (“Parks and Recreation”) stars in this single-camera comedy as Angie Tribeca, a ten-year veteran of the LAPD.

Her fellow officers in the squad are an eccentric but brilliant group of people who investigate crime, reveal way too much personal information about themselves and refuse to rest until justice has been served…sort of.

A spoof in the tradition of “The Naked Gun” and “Airplane!,” Angie Tribeca is executive-produced by Steve and Nancy Carell through their Carousel Television, along with Campbell Smith and Thom Hinkle.


(Comedy, TBD 2015)
The latest series from David Kohan and Max Mutchnick, the Emmy-winning creators of “Will & Grace”. Ashley Tisdale (“High School Musical), Lauren Lapkus (“Orange is the New Black”), Mike Castle (“Family Trap”), Ryan Pinkston (“Tower Prep”), Matt Cook (“True Blood”) and six-time Emmy nominee George Wendt (“Cheers”) star in the ensemble comedy about a group of misfits from high school who work together at a Charlestown barbershop called Buzzy’s.

Their dreams may lie across the Charles River in Boston, but for now, their work, their lives and their loves – not to mention their sense of humor – remain in Charlestown. Buzzy’s comes to TBS from KoMut Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television.


Cee Lo Green’s The Good Life
(Reality Doco, Mondays 10:30pm)
The six-episode unscripted series follows musician Cee Lo Green as he tackles a packed schedule of producing, recording and performing that includes a partnership with best friends Big Gipp, Khujo and T-Mo as they prepare to bring their hip-hop group Goodie Mob back to the stage. “Cee Lo Green’s The Good Life” is produced by Emerald TV Productions and Rogue Atlas. Green executive produces with Larry Mestel, Andrew Jameson and Eli Frankel.


Funniest Wins
(Reality Competition, Fridays 10pm)
The eight-episode unscripted competition series is hosted by comedian Marlon Wayans. The series is looking for anyone who’s funny… period. From people making comedy videos in your dorm room, to stand up comedians to social media sensations, the show is searching for the funniest comedian out there.

Each week, Wayans and a rotating crew of guests will guide competitors in learning the ins and outs of a particular comedy style. They will then put what they’ve learned to the test with one comic sent packing at the end of each round. “Funniest Wins” is being produced for TBS by Workaholic/Marlon and Eyeworks USA. Wayans is exec producing.


The Last Ship
(Action Thriller, Sundays 9pm)
The story opens with a global catastrophe that nearly decimates the world’s population. Because of its positioning, the Navy destroyer U.S.S. Nathan James avoids falling victim to the devastating tragedy. But now the crew and its captain must confront the reality of their new existence in a world where they may be among the few remaining survivors.

Eric Dane (“Grey’s Anatomy”) stars as Captain Tom Chandler, a career Navy man who is authoritative and decisive, but also fair and courageous. Rhona Mitra (“Strike Back”) co-stars as Rachel Scott, a strong-willed, intelligent and fearless paleomicrobiologist assigned to the Nathan James to investigate the cause of billions of deaths worldwide.

Adam Baldwin (“Chuck”) is Slattery, the ship’s second-in-command who worries deeply about his family and occasionally clashes with Captain Chandler over the best course of action. Travis Van Winkle (“Hart of Dixie”), Charles Parnell (“Pariah”), Christina Elmore (“Fruitvale Station”), Sam Spruell (“Snow White and The Huntsman”) and Marissa Neitling (“Leverage”) also star.

Based on William Brinkley’s popular novel, “The Last Ship” comes to TNT from Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and its partners, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form who serve as executive producers along with showrunner Hank Steinberg (creator of “Without a Trace”) Steven Kane (“The Closer”) and director Jack Bender (“Lost”). Steinberg and Kane wrote the series pilot, which was directed by Jonathan Mostow (“U-571”).


(Mini-Series, Wednesdays 9pm)
Screen Actors Guild Award winner Sean Bean (“Game of Thrones,” “The Lord of the Rings”) plays Martin Odum, an undercover agent working for the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations (DCO) division.

Martin has the uncanny ability to transform himself into a completely different person for each job be it as a Scottish soccer club executive, a corrupt Chicago cop, a Serbian extremist, or a British SAS colonel.

There are many times, however, when he must choose between the demands of his job and his desperate desire to solve the mystery of his own identity which has been brought into question when a mysterious stranger suggests that Martin isn’t the man he believes himself to be.

Ali Larter (“Heroes”), Morris Chestnut (“American Horror Story”), Tina Majorino (“Veronica Mars”), Steve Harris (“The Practice”), Amber Valletta (“Revenge”), and Mason Cook (“The Lone Ranger”) also star.

Based on the award-winning book by master spy novelist Robert Littell, “Legends” is being produced by Fox 21, with Howard Gordon (“Homeland,” “24”), Alexander Cary (“Homeland,” “Lie to Me”) and Jonathan Levin (“Charmed), Brad Turner (“24”) and showrunner David Wilcox (“Fringe”) serving as executive producers.


The Librarians
(Action Adventure, TBD 2015)
TNT is returning to the world of its hit movie franchise “The Librarian” with a brand new series from Electric Entertainment and executive producers Dean Devlin, John Rogers and Marc Roskin.

Rebecca Romijn (“X-Men”) is set to lead the cast of the new series, while Noah Wyle (“Falling Skies,” “ER”) will executive-produce and play a recurring role in the series, reprising his role as Flynn Carsen from TNT’s movie trilogy.

“The Librarians” centers on an ancient organization hidden beneath the Metropolitan Public Library dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden all around.

This group solves impossible mysteries, fights supernatural threats and recovers powerful artifacts from around the world. Only a person with special skills could be responsible for collecting and protecting these artifacts, and more importantly, for preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

Christian Kane (“Angel”), Lindy Booth (“Dawn of the Dead”) and John Kim (“Neighbors”) are set to round out the cast as the newest protectors of the world’s mystical treasures, with Emmy-winner John Larroquette (“Night Court”) slated to play their reluctant caretaker.

Emmy winners Bob Newhart (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Jane Curtin (“3rd Rock from the Sun”) will reprise their characters from the movie trilogy in guest starring roles, while Matt Frewer (“Eureka”)) is also set to play a recurring role.


Murder in the First
(Legal Thriller, Mondays 10pm)
A powerful scripted drama co-created by Emmy-winner Steven Bochco and newcomer Eric Lodal. Set in San Francisco, “Murder in the First” will follow a single case across an entire season.

The series follows homicide detectives Terry English (Taye Diggs) and Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) as they investigate two seemingly unrelated murders. The mystery deepens, however, when they find both murders have a common denominator in Silicon Valley wunderkind Erich Blunt (Tom Felton).

Terry and Hildy’s fellow detectives in their squad include SFPD homicide inspector David Molk (Raphael Sbarge), a thoughtful philosopher-cop and frequent class clown, and his tough-as-nails partner inspector Edgar Navarro (Lombardo Boyar). The ambitious and no-nonsense Lt. Jim Koto (Ian Anthony Dale) serves as the squad’s supervisor.

Supporting Blunt in his endeavors are Bill Wilkerson (Steven Weber), his long-time friend, driver and pilot, and Ivana West (Bess Rous), the company’s brilliant chief technology officer. Blunt’s legal team includes David Hertzberg (Richard Schiff), his gruff lawyer and trusted confidant, and Warren Daniels (James Cromwell), a legendary criminal attorney brought in to assist when suspicion turns to Blunt.

Facing them in the courtroom will be the remarkably brilliant District Attorney Sonia Perez (Nicole Ari Parker) and pit-bull Chief Prosecutor Mario Siletti (Currie Graham). Murder in the First also takes viewers into Terry and Hildy’s home lives. Hildy is a single mom with an inquisitive daughter (Mimi Kirkland). Terry, meanwhile, is struggling to take care of his terminally ill wife, Emily (Anne-Marie Johnson).


(Supernatural Drama, TBD 2015)
A serialized supernatural drama starring Jennifer Beals (“The L Word,” “Flashdance”), Matthew Modine (“And the Band Played On, Weeds”) and Joe Morton (“Scandal,” “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”).

The series follows Dr. Carolyn Tyler (Beals) on a journey toward answering one of life’s greatest mysteries: Is there life after death? A highly trained surgeon, skeptic and believer in hard science, Dr. Tyler is challenged by an eccentric and terminally ill billionaire (Modine) to prove whether there is an afterlife.

After exploring stories about hauntings, near-death experiences, past lives and more, Dr. Tyler slowly evolves from hardline skeptic, to doubter and, ultimately, reluctant believer. Proof is executive-produced by The Closer’s Kyra Sedgwick, Rob Bragin, Tom Jacobson, Jill Littman and Emmy┬« winner Alex Graves.


Public Morals
(Period Cop Drama, TBD 2015)
From writer-director-producer-star Edward Burns (“Saving Private Ryan,” “The Brothers McMullen”), this gritty, intense crime drama is set in the world of the Vice Division of the New York City Police Department in the 1960s.

The drama follows Terry Muldoon (Burns), a Public Morals detective trying to maintain control over his tightly ordered world as the city and the times around him are undergoing profound cultural changes.

In this serialized cop drama, Muldoon and his team will confront a number of challenges, from keeping a lid on prostitution and gambling rings to being thrust into a deadly turf war that breaks out between the new and old factions of the Irish Mob. Public Morals is inspired by Burns’ own life growing up in a family of cops in a morally ambivalent, very dangerous time.

Michael Rapaport (“Justified”) and Elizabeth Masucci (“The Americans”) also star in the series, which comes to TNT from Amblin Television and executive producers Steven Spielberg, Justin Falvey, Darryl Frank and Aaron Lubin.


Transporter: The Series
(Action Thriller, TBD 2014)
An exhilarating, adrenaline-charged series based on the smash-hit movie franchise, “Transporter The Series” features dry wit, exotic locations, heart-pounding action and nail-biting suspense.

The twelve-episode first season premiered in Europe in early 2013. The second season began shooting in late February ahead of a global premiere late 2014. TNT will screen the first and the second seasons back-to-back starting in the Fall.

The story centers on Frank Martin (Chris Vance, “Rizzoli and Isles,” “Burn Notice”), a professional “transporter” paid to pick up and deliver people or cargo from anywhere in the world. Frank is the very best at what he does and handles only the most difficult dangerous and assignments.

Award-winning writer and producer Frank Spotnitz (“The X-Files, Hunted,” “Strikeback”) and producer Fred Fuchs (“The Godfather: Part III,” “Bram Stoker’s Dracula”) have come on board with Spotnitz serving as the new showrunner and executive producer of the second season.

“Transporter The Series” is produced by Atlantique Productions, with executive producer Olivier Bibas (“Borgia, “Jo”), and QVF Inc., with producer Susan Murdoch (“Doomstown,” “Dan for Mayor”). The series is commissioned in France by M6 and in Canada by The Movie Network and Movie Central.


Wake Up Call
(Reality Competition, TBD 2014)
In “Wake Up Call”, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will tackle the worst of the worst and make them into the best of the best with his own personal brand of high-octane motivation.

From dysfunctional homes and dead-beat dads to sports teams that don’t gel and businesses struggling to survive, The Rock is going to descend into the chaos of everyday problems to pull good people up by the bootstraps, reminding them what hard work, passion and true discipline can accomplish.

Each segment will be a journey for The Rock and his team, as well as for those who will struggle to live up to The Rock’s herculean ideals.

With 4 a.m. wake-up calls, emotional reunions and near-impossible goals, everyone who comes in contact with The Rock’s electric sense of personal motivation will grow from it, finding inner strength and heart.


Your Family of Mine
(Comedy, TBD 2015)
From the producers of “Friends,” “Will & Grace” and “Happy Endings,” the story focuses on a different side of a young couple’s family each week.

Kelli (Kat Foster, “‘Til Death”) and Oliver (Kyle Howard, “Royal Pains”) are the couple at the center. The series alternates between the in-laws and the casts, including Richard Dreyfuss (“The Goodbye Girl”) and JoBeth Williams (“Poltergeist”) as Oliver’s parents.

It also delivers funny scenarios that every couple can relate to as Kelli and Oliver navigate the complexities and eccentricities of both of their families while trying to maintain their own marriage and sanity.

Based on an enormously popular Israeli comedy, “Your Family or Mine” is being produced by Sony Pictures Television, Jamie Tarses’ Fanfare Productions, Keshet International and Teddy Productions. “Ground Floor” co-creator and “How I Met Your Mother” alum Greg Malins pens the series.

The TNT schedule will be as follows:

MONDAY (Starting June 9th)
9pm: “Major Crimes”
10pm: “Murder in the First”

TUESDAY (Starting June 17th)
9pm: “Rizzoli & Isles”
10pm: “Perception”

FRIDAY (Starting June 20th)
9pm: “Cold Justice”

SUNDAY (Starting June 22nd)
9pm: “The Last Ship”
10pm: “Falling Skies”

WEDNESDAY (Starting August 13th)
9pm: “Legends”
10pm: “Franklin & Bash”

MONDAY (Starting August 18th)
9pm: “Dallas”

TBD 2014/2015 (On TNT)
“The Librarians,” “On the Menu,” “Proof,” “Public Morals,” “Transporter The Series,” “Wake Up Call”

The TBS schedule will be as follows:

FRIDAY (Starting June 20th)
10pm: “Funniest Wins”

MONDAY (Starting June 23rd)
10:30pm: “CeeLo Green’s The Good Life”

TUESDAY (Starting June 24th)
10pm: “Sullivan & Son”

TBD 2014/2015 (On TBS)
“American Dad,” “Angie Tribeca,” “Buzzy’s,” “Cougar Town,” “Ground Floor,” “Your Family or Mine”

“King and Maxwell,” “Men at Work,” “Mob City”