2014 Fall TV Season Cancellations Begin

With DVR numbers now more important than ever to networks, it means this year’s list of casualties from the Fall TV season launch has been slightly delayed as new shows are given some extra time to find an audience.

That breathing room is now gone and the axe has finally begun swinging in earnest with word today that NBC has cancelled its comedies “Bad Judge” and “A to Z”. NBC launched its Fall season with five series, which leaves three on the air. “The Mysteries of Laura” has already scored a full season order, while “Constantine” and “Marry Me” are expected to be sticking around.

The axing of “Bad Judge” and “A to Z” follows the cancellation of ABC’s “Manhattan Love Story” last week. ABC has already picked up “black-ish” and “How To Get Away With Murder” for full seasons, but “Selfie” and “Forever” are both on uncertain ground for now.

FOX is cutting back on its episode order of “Mulaney” which – though not officially cancelled – is said to be effectively dead according to several columnists. “Gracepoint” is posting dismal ratings but is only a limited series and thus won’t be coming back anyway. “Gotham” is a bonafide hit and set for a full season, while the fate of “Red Band Society” is not looking good.

CBS has already given full season orders for its four new dramas, and The CW has done the same for its two new dramas. No cancellations expected from either for now.

The axing follows on from an unprecedented number of shows being picked up to series and axed before they even got to air including “Emerald City,” “Hieroglyph,” and “Mission Control”

Source: Zap2It