2010 Sundance: Dramatic Competition

One hundred and thirteen feature-length films are set to screen at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival from January 21st-31st in Park City, Utah.

Sixteen titles are on show this year in the Dramatic Competition category:

Blue Valentine

“Blue Valentine”
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, Mike Vogel
Director: Derek Cianfrance
The portrait of an American marriage that charts the evolution of a relationship over time.

Cast: Andrew Dickler, Ben York Jones, Marguerite Moreau
Director: Drake Doremus
A man about to be married takes his younger brother on a wild goose chase to find the latter’s fifth-grade girlfriend.

The Dry Land

“The Dry Land”
Cast: Melissa Leo, America Ferrera, Wilmer Valderrama
Director: Ryan Piers Williams
The story of a returning U.S. soldier tries to reconcile his experiences overseas with his life in Texas.

Cast: Malin Akerman, Kate Mara, Zoe Kazan, Tony Hale
Director: Josh Radnor
Six New Yorkers negotiating love, friendship and gratitude when they’re too old to be precocious and not yet fully adults.

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Natalie Portman, Piper Laurie
Director: Spencer Susser
A mysterious, anarchical trickster enters the lives of a family dealing with a painful loss.

“Holy Rollers”
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Bartha, Ari Graynor, Jason Fuchs
Director: Kevin Tyler Asch
Concerns a young Hasidic man in the throes of money, power and opportunity who becomes an international Ecstasy smuggler.


Cast: James Franco, David Strathairn, Jon Hamm, Mary-Louise Parker
Director: Rob Epstein, Jeff Friedman
A non-fiction drama about how Allen Ginsberg created the eponymous poem and the subsequent landmark obscenity trial.

“The Imperialists Are Still Alive”
Cast: Elodie Bouchez, Jose Maria de Tavira, Karim Saleh Karolina Muller
Director: Zeina Durra
A French Manhattanite continues her work as an artist in the wake of the sudden abduction of her childhood sweetheart and a blooming love affair.

“Lovers of Hate”
Cast: Chris Doubek, Heather Kafka, Alex Karpovsky
Director: Bryan Poyser
How the reunion of estranged brothers is undermined when the woman they both love chooses one over the other.

Night Catches Us

“Night Catches Us”
Cast: Anthony Mackie, Kerry Washington, Jamie Hector
Director: Tanya Hamilton
The story focuses on the eventful return of a young man to the race-torn Philadelphia neighborhood where he grew up during the Black Power movement.

Cast: Gaynor Howe, Michael Piccirilli, Frank Hoyt Taylor
Director: Diane Bell
About the amorous awakening of a lonely librarian with a beguiling cinema projectionist in Death Valley.

Cast: Shiloh Fernandez, A.J. Buckley, Ashley Greene, Brett Cullen
Director: Anthony Burns
The dramatic events in early ’80s small-town Texas force a 19-year-old skating rink manager to see his life in a new light.

Sympathy for Delicious

“Sympathy for Delicious”
Cast: Orlando Bloom, Mark Ruffalo, Juliette Lewis, Laura Linney
Director: Mark Ruffalo
The story centers on a newly paralyzed DJ who gets more than he bargained for when he seeks out the world of faith healing.

“3 Backyards”
Cast: Embeth Davidtz, Edie Falco, Elias Koteas
Director: Eric Mendelsohn
The story in which a quiet suburban town becomes intense emotional terrain for three residents on one strange day.

Welcome to the Rileys

“Welcome to the Rileys”
Cast: James Gandolfini, Kristen Stewart, Melissa Leo
Director: Jake Scott
The story of a damaged man who seeks salvation by caring for a wayward young woman during a business trip to New Orleans.

“Winter’s Bone”
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Lauren Sweetser
Director: Debra Granik
Focuses on the dangerous efforts of an Ozard Mountain girl to track down her drug-dealer father while keeping her family intact.