2 Guns Tops, “Smurfs 2” & “Sharknado” Flop

This weekend’s “2 Guns,” an action film based on a comic, took the top spot at the U.S. domestic box office with a haul of $27.4 million from Friday to Sunday. Budgeted at a fairly modest $61 million, the film should end up being a solid little earner for Universal.

“The Wolverine” slipped into second place with $21.7 million for its second weekend haul (down 59%). With a $95 million domestic and $254 million total global haul so far, the film has already doubled its $120 million production budget. Still, it looks like it will be one of the lower earning entries in this franchise.

The real surprise though is “The Smurfs 2,” which had the worst opening for a family film this Summer. Its $27.8 million domestic haul over the first five days is a fraction of the $46.3 million the first film made during the same period two years ago. Outside the U.S. it has already made $52.5 million, but it seems likely Sony will only see a fraction of the whopping $563 million in total box-office revenue that the first film made.

Meanwhile the Friday midnight theatrical screenings for Syfy’s “Sharknado” took in less than $200,000 across 200 screens, that’s less than $1,000 per theater. This is despite repeat screenings of the telemovie on the Syfy network each performing better than the last, with the third broadcast reaching as many as 2.1 million viewers.

The Lindsay Lohan-led erotic thriller “The Canyons” opened in one theater in New York City to a not bad sum of $15,200. However, the VOD revenues for the project are said to be quite strong.