1980s TV Series “Captain Power” Gets Rebooted

The 1980s sci-fi TV series “Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future” is set to be rebooted under the new moniker “Phoenix Rising”.

The original series was a twenty-two episode space drama set on Earth in the year 2147 and the aftermath of a global confrontation between humans and machines. The show was one of the first series to incorporate CG characters with live-action performers.

The new take begins fifteen years after humanity lost a devastating war against an A.I. called Overmind. Jonathan Power, the son of the man who caused that war, learns the truth about his father and discovers a new type of battle armor that will enable a team of soldiers and civilians to fight the Bionic armies of the New Order.

The original’s co-creator Gary Goddard is one of those behind the reboot which is in active development at Goddard Film Group and Planet X Productions. Judith and Garfield Reeves-Stevens (“Star Trek: Enterprise”) are penning the pilot while Thomas Vitale and Craig Engler will produce.

MastersFX will create the effects for the new series which hopes to raise awareness at Comic Con this week.

Source: Deadline