1980s NBC Shows Revived As Digital Comics

Hide your kids, “Punky Brewster” is back.

NBC is partnering with Lion Forge Comics to bring classic 1980s TV properties back to life as digital comics.

Five shows are set to score a revival in the new format – “Knight Rider,” “Airwolf,” “Miami Vice,” “Saved by the Bell” and the aforementioned “Punky Brewster”.

The likes of Joelle Sellner (“Teen Titans”), Jonathan London (“Geekscape”), Geoffrey Thorne (“Leverage”) and David Gorden (“Catalyst Prime: Accel”) are onboard to pen the comics.

These will be available later this year through Amazon Kindle Bookstore, Kobo, Barne & Noble’s Nook Book Store and Apple’s iBooks.

Source: The Huffington Post