19% Of U.S. Adults Are Now Cord Cutters

A new survey by Pew Research Center into broadband adoption has raised some eyebrows in Hollywood.

The study of 2,001 adults has found around 19% of adults in the 18-29 age range have become cord cutters – dropping cable or satellite TV service. That comes on top of another 16% who have never had a traditional subscription TV package.

As of this year, 24% of all American adults do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV service with 9% never having subscribed to cable packagaes while 15% have become cord cutters in recent years. Two-thirds of adults who do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV cited alternate sources of content – Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and Hulu primarily – as the reason for not having a traditional pay TV service.

Of the 24% of American homes without cable or satellite service, the study found that 25% are smartphone-only households while 54% have broadband in the home.

Cord cutting is become a serious issue and is thoguht to be one of the reasons why last week Disney saw its stock fall in value despite the massive earning of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”.

Source: Variety