“13 Reasons Why” To Get A Warning Video

Following the fallout and conversations about teen suicide as a result of “13 Reasons Why,” Netflix released a study on Wednesday about the show’s impact on young viewers.

Researchers for Northwestern University say that in their study, 71% of teens and young adults found the show relatable, and nearly 75% of teen and young adult viewers said the show made them feel more comfortable processing tough topics.

The show also had a good impact in that more than 50% of teens reached out to someone to apologize for how they had treated them, and nearly 75% of teens said they tried to be more considerate about how they treated others after watching the show.

In the wake of that, the network announced that it will put a warning video featuring the stars of the show before the first episode of each season. In the clip, the show’s stars tell viewers how to get help if they are affected by what they see on the show.

Additionally, the service will start a new after-show titled ‘Beyond the Reasons’ where actors, experts, and educators will break down the series which returns later this year.

Source: Variety