12 Monkeys Ending Circles Back To Pilot

Appearing at the Television Critics Association winter press tour, “12 Monkeys” series producer Natalie Chaidez spoke to Slashfilm about the upcoming second season of the Syfy series.

Chaidez confirmed that, like both the original short “La Jetee” and Terry Gilliam’s previous “12 Monkeys” film adaptation, the series has been designed to circle back to its own pilot whenever the show ultimately ends:

“Yes, there is definitely a big plan. I think [series co-creator] Terry [Matalas] has said it publicly in interviews, I know he’s said it privately to me, that he and [co-creator] Travis [Ficket] knew the way that the series was going to end when they pitched the pilot. It will indeed circle back when the show finishes in season five hopefully, Syfy willing.”

The first season’s “present day events” were set in 2015, that will now jump ahead to 2016 for the second season:

“There actually is a time jump and some things have occurred. We meet Cole and Ramse in a whole new place, in a little bit of a different time but still on the trail of the Monkeys. Jennifer Goines is still out there as well. The future has also changed because of what happened at the end of season one. It’s cool. Season two is really cool.”

“12 Monkeys” will return with the second season on April 18th.